Hello, and welcome to my humble e-bode. This is my space to showcase who I am and what I do. Altogether, this is my personal-professional hybrid of a space. If that seems unconventional, you are correct. Too much exposure to conventional practices are known to give me nth-degree burns, so I infinitely strive for creativity.
I whole-heartedly believe that guests should leave happier than when they arrived. Please smile, and enjoy your stay!

About Bianca

A small-town girl living in Los Angeles, CA.

Currently a contestant in this season's "The Bachelor" (of Science) in Engineering Physics with a Computer Science focus.

Constantly in competition with who I was yesterday.

Art is my heart matter.

Constantly intrigued by the world. Passionate about life.

Hopelessly in love with knowledge.

Probably recording music in her free time.
(YouTube / Soundcloud)

Hoping to release four original songs by the end of 2017, so I will leave this here to keep me accountable. :)